Holistech Limited. For fun and clever people
A bunch of geeky creatives and creative geeks

We make fun things for the web

Animations, Widgets, Games, Web sites, Viral, Films

We do clever things with computers

Software, Databases, HTML5, Apps, Flash, Security, CMS
We like making people grin and giggle.

We like it when things work properly.

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Holistech Limited

Making fun and clever things for fun and clever people

We are a small team of enthusiastic and dedicated creatives and techies. We love computers. We love the web. We love it when things work properly.

Even better, we quite like people too.

Holistech likes a challenge. Whether it's a tricky technical problem or a creative condundrum we thrive on finding a way to make it work.

Our specialities are the internet (we've been playing and working on it since before the web existed), online entertainment and making computers and networks do more than they're expected to do.

Have a look at what we do and if you've got a web site needing revitalising or an interesting tech problem that we can help with... drop us a line.